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Weed Control

Weed control in your lawn can be a struggle for many homeowners. Even when one thinks they have successfully treated all the weeds in their turf, suddenly another one appears. Weeds reappear in your landscape even despite treatment due to many factors. Winds, flooding, birds, and even your neighbor with a leaf blower all contribute to unexpected weed flair ups, pair those factors with rainfall and our warm Florida weather and it's the perfect combination. An example of this is if you have a vacant dirt lot near you and it sits without the ground turned for a period of time eventually some sort of plant, weed or grass will eventually cover the lot, all thanks to the above factors. This is why it is vital to have regular treatment of weeds to help lessen their presence and not become out of control. To keep your grass looking lush, green and uniform it is essential that you keep weeds well controlled.

During each routine monthly service, our spray technician will spot treat any visible, treatable weeds in your turf to keep your lawn looking its best. When weeds are present in your turf it is important to treat the weeds so that they don't turn into a weed problem. There are many types of weeds that you may encounter in your landscape. Some of these weeds include chickweed, dollarweed and matchweed. Our technicians are trained to identify and treat a wide variety of weeds that may be present in your turf.

In addition to your monthly spot treatment, an annual weed and feed application will be performed to help keep weeds under control during the time of year when weeds are abundant everywhere, typically in the springtime. The month in which this application occurs may vary based on environmental factors such as rainfall and temperature. The weed and feed treatment is designed to treat weeds that may have sprouted as well as act as a preemergent against weeds that have not yet germinated, thus helping to prevent new weeds from sprouting. This service is performed annually at no additional cost to you as it is included in your routine monthly service plan.

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