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Insect Control

Insects can affect your landscape in a variety of ways causing major destruction or even killing your shrubs and lawn leading to costly replacement. If our spray technician finds evidence of an insect problem during your routine monthly spray they are trained to treat the insect infestation at that time. Some of the insects you may encounter in your lawn include sod webwork, cinch bugs and grubs, while your shrubs may be affected by aphids, caterpillars, mites, and whiteflies. These are a few examples as numerous other insects endanger your landscape, all of which our technicians are trained to identify and treat. Each technician is equipped with the right treatment for the right insect, as different insects require different types of treatment.

We use several types of insecticide to treat the insects that may be causing damage to your turf and shrubs, keeping your landscape from looking its best. Contact insecticide, systemic insecticide and subsurface insecticide are the three main insecticides that are used to control the insects causing damage to your yard. Contact insecticides kill the insects when they come in contact, either through direct contact with the insect or when the insect moves and comes in contact with an area that has been treated. Systemic insecticides are absorbed and translocated throughout the vascular system of the plant. The insects that then ingest any part of the plant including the roots, stem, stalk, and leaves, are destroyed as the whole plant is affected by this insecticide. Subsurface insecticides are designed to not adhere to the blades of grass. As water and rainfall touch the area of the grass that has been treated the insecticide washes down to the soil and reaches insects that live, nest, and eat in the soil. This type of insecticide is primarily used on the turf to treat such insects as ants and grubs. Having a wide range of treatment options for the insects that damage your landscapes enables our technician to more effectively keep insects under control.

In addition, a preventative insect control services will be performed monthly during high-pressure insect months. This service is usually performed in the months of May through September. The months in which these services are performed may vary based on environmental factors such as temperature, rainfall and other factors. This preventative insect control service is included in your routine monthly service plan.

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