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Landscape Care in Holiday, FL

Landscape Care Holiday, FL A landscape is a space that requires a lot of care. Most modern homeowners hire professional landscaping services in Holiday, FL, which saves time, money, and ensures their outdoor space is presentable all year round. At Green with Envy, we have a team of expert technicians who can handle all kinds of landscaping challenges efficiently. Here’s a look at what kind of landscape care services we offer:

Landscape Analysis

We always take a planned, systematic approach when it comes to landscaping as that helps us ensure clients are satisfied with the results. A well-planned strategy starts with an in-depth landscape analysis in Holiday, FL. A team of experts carefully assess every aspect of your lawn or garden to determine their current state of health.

During our analysis, they identify areas that need fertilization, weed control, or insect control. They also determine what needs to be done so that your landscape is thriving once again.

Our team will provide a detailed report after the landscaping analysis is complete before offering their recommendations. We always give a realistic idea about what your landscape will look like after all treatments are finished.


Every landscape requires a unique fertilization plan. After completing a thorough landscape analysis, we know just what your plants need to grow strong. Our team uses the most effective combination of fertilizers to provide your plants with essential nutrients.

We use granular and liquid fertilizers during landscaping. Granular fertilizers dissolve slowly and release their nutrients over an extended time. They can help preserve soil's nutrition and are ideal for general landscape fertilization in Holiday, FL.

Liquid fertilizers absorb quickly and are suitable for spot treatments or emergencies. If your plants are weak and require urgent care, we usually use liquid fertilizers. These products are also very versatile as they can be mixed with other landscape care solutions as well. For example, we can mix fertilizer with a herbicide to take care of weeds while feeding the plants.

Weed Control

Weeds can be a big problem for homeowners. They are difficult to remove and grow back quickly if you’re not careful. Our weed control services in Holiday, FL, can help you manage this menace. We use the most effective solutions not just to kill existing weeds, but also prevent re-growth.

Weeds grow back because of winds, birds, footsteps, and rain transport weed seeds back to your landscape. When these seeds are exposed to the Florida sun, they germinate and compete with your plants for resources. We use preventive measures like mulching, strategic planting, and other such solutions to stop germination as much as possible.

Weeds that do germinate are killed with the help of effective herbicides. A routine monthly spray can help control weed populations, especially during spring and summertime. We adjust the treatment based on the seasons, environmental factors, rainfall, and other such influences.

If you want to know more about our landscape care services here at Green with Envy, get in touch with us today. Call 727 772 4177 or use our contact us form to get more information.

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