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Fertilization is a key component in the pursuit of a lush, vibrant landscape. Our technicians are trained to identify and apply the specific fertilization that is needed to satisfy the diverse needs of your lawn and the plants in your landscape. We use a variety of different types of fertilizer as well as several application methods when applying the fertilizer that is required to meet the nutritional needs of your turf and surrounding landscape.

After an evaluation of your landscape has been performed our spray technician will provide the proper nutrients your lawn and shrubs need to thrive and look their best. Lawns are nourished with the macronutrients required to flourish, while your shrubs receive the macro and micronutrients that each specific plant needs to look its best.

When fertilizing your landscape we use granular as well as liquid fertilizers so that optimal results can be obtained. Granular fertilizer is designed to be released over time at a slower rate, while liquid fertilizer is absorbed by the plants more quickly. Liquid fertilizer can also be combined with other products that fight against insects, weeds, and disease. When liquid fertilizer is combined with one of these products the plants being fertilized are able to absorb and utilize these agents more efficiently, as they are experiencing growth and their vascular systems are in overdrive.

Our technicians will determine which fertilization option will best meet the needs of your lawn as well as each specific plant in your landscape. The number of times your lawn and surrounding landscape are fertilized will depend on a variety of factors such as temperature, type of soil and rainfall, as well as federal and county regulations pertaining to fertilization.

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