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Shrub Care and Fertilization

Shrub Care & Fertilization, Lutz, FL If you are looking for high-quality shrub care and weed control services, you are at the right place. We at Green with Envy are a leading company in the industry and focus on creating customized landscape care plans for our clients. Our company was established in 2004, and our owner/founder has over 30 years of industry experience in insect, disease, weed control, and fertilization.

The shrubs on your property need regular care to keep them in good condition, and we make sure that you always get the best services. We adopt a balanced approach so that your plantings always stay in excellent condition. This is what we cover in our shrub care and fertilization services:

Shrub Care Service

Your shrubs are going to need regular care to flourish. To prevent the spread of pathogens and create less favorable conditions for pests & infestations, we follow various practices. Depending on your landscape and specific needs, we focus on:

  • Removal of weeds and other undesirable plants
  • Installing raised beds
  • Using various species on your landscape
  • Mulching
  • Timely trimming and pruning
  • Adjusting sprinklers so that your shrubs get adequate water without any water wastage
  • Applying weed control treatments
  • Adding fertilizers
  • Checking the shrubs for fungal growth and treating it
  • Testing the soil for pH and nutrient levels and pH and customizing amendments

Customized Fertilization Plans

Fertilization is a crucial aspect of maintaining vibrant and lush landscaping. Our skilled technicians assess the types of plantings and soil in your yard before coming up with a customized fertilization plan. We will apply specific fertilization, best suited to the needs of your landscape and turf.

After evaluating your landscape, our spray technicians will use the best products so that your plants and shrubs get the nutrition they need to look their best and thrive. Your lawns will get the micronutrients they need to flourish, and the shrubbery will get micronutrients and macronutrients, it specifically needs to grow well.

Our company uses a combination of liquid and granular fertilizers for optimal results. Granular fertilizer has a slow-release system while liquid fertilizers are absorbed quickly by the plants. In some cases, we may also combine liquid fertilizer with products that keep disease, weeds, and insects at bay. This helps the plants absorb and utilize the agents quickly.

We take the time to understand what types of plantings you have in your landscape and determine the best fertilization option. We will design the perfect fertilization package based on the kinds of plants, soil, temperature, rainfall, and country and federal regulations regarding fertilization. Since we incorporate these solutions into broader landscape care plans, your plantings get all-round care.

While we never compromise on the quality of our products or landscape analysis services, we maintain competitive fertilization costs. For any more information on our Shrub Care & Fertilization services, please contact Green With Envy at this number- 727-772-4177. You can also send us queries and requests through this Online Form, and we will respond shortly.

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