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Our professional landscape maintenance services help keep your landscape looking its best. You can pick from various premade bundles or have something made specifically for you. This ensures you receive the services you need at a price that fits comfortably within your means. We pride ourselves on providing specialized care and tailoring each of our services to each customer's specific needs. Landscapes in commercial settings, like private homes, need regular upkeep. It's a great way to impress visitors, potential tenants, and employees while increasing the property's worth. We collaborate with you to identify your unique requirements and deliver tailor-made services. Our team works hard to offer superior solutions to your landscape maintenance questions and concerns. Whether your outdoor space is spacious or limited, we are here to help. We prioritize quality and cost-effectiveness to provide our clients with exceptional value consistently. If you need help with landscape maintenance or anything else, our team is here to help. Read More About Landscape Maintenance »


Our company is a full-service landscaping provider with affordable lawn maintenance plans. Most of our clients prefer individualized services, which we are happy to provide in addition to our standard packages. This gives you control over your spending by letting you pick and choose the services you require. To keep your grass free of chemical exposure, we only use organic fertilizers and herbicides. If you need new grass installed, rest assured that our sod comes from good nurseries and is free of weeds and diseases. Every member of our lawn care crew does their part to keep the lawn looking great. This lengthens its useful life and allows you to enjoy lush greenery on your property all year round. While we do not skimp on quality, our affordable lawn care services will help you save money on maintaining your outdoor spaces. Read More About Lawn Care »


Planning is essential for any residential or commercial landscaping project. Professional landscape architects and contractors like us are crucial for successful project completion. As a company with decades of experience, we know how to handle every client's project carefully. Our company's mission is to provide superior service to our customers at competitive rates. We can assist in the complete planning and design of both small residential gardens and large commercial outdoor spaces. We also construct rock formations, plant trees and shrubs, and populate flowerbeds. When our clients hire us to design and build beautiful outdoor spaces for their properties, we do so with all the expertise, experience, and materials necessary to do the job right. The designers will use their knowledge to improve the visual appeal of your property. When designing your outdoor spaces, we put quality, reliability, and affordability at the forefront. Read More About Landscaping »

Landscape Analysis

Our technician will perform an on-site analysis of your landscape and provide you with information about the current condition of your landscape, as well as it's potential. We will also provide you with a recommended treatment plan and free estimate. Read more about Landscape Analysis »


Our technician will fertilize your lawn and surrounding landscape using both granular and liquid fertilizers. The number of application your landscape will receive varies based on multiple factors including soil, temperature, and rain, as well as federal and county regulations pertaining to fertilization. Read more about Fertilization »

Weed Control

Active weed problems are spot treated on a monthly basis during your routine monthly weed control and maintenance service. Our technicians are trained and equipped with a variety of different products to treat different types of weeds. Read more about Weed Control »

Weed and Feed

Weed and feed service is performed annually, typically during the spring weed season. Fertilization with a micro-nutrient package is applied to help thicken turf to discourage weed germination. A weed control product is used to treat current weeds as well as act as a preemergent for weeds that have yet to germinate. This service is included with your routine monthly service at no additional cost. Read more about Weed and Feed »

Insect Control

Our technicians use three types of insecticides to treat a variety of insects in your landscape. Contact, systemic and subsurface insecticides are the three methods of treatment depending on the insect being targeted. Insect control is routinely performed during the months of high insect pressure, typically May - September, however, this may vary based on environmental factors. Insects infestations are also treated when visualized during routine monthly service. Read more about Insect Control »

Disease Control

Our technicians use two different types of fungicide to treat active disease in your landscape. Each technician is trained to identify disease and determine if a systemic, contact or combination treatment fungicide is best for treating the specific disease found in your landscape. Read more about Disease Control »

Insect and Disease (I&D)

We offer an insect and disease treatment for new sod and plantings in your landscape. This treatment helps to prevent the occurrence of insects and disease right from the start, as your new sod and plants do not have an established root system and may be under stress from recent placement. This makes them much more susceptible to insects and disease. Read more about Insect and Disease (I&D) »

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